Polly Tuga – Avatar

Polly Tuga

Polly Tuga

Polly Tuga was created as an Avatar by the young women of Pulling Together. An ‘avatar’ is a computer user’s representation of himself or herself, whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games, a two-dimensional picture used on internet forums and other communities. However, the Sanskrit word Avatara means “the descent of God” or simply “incarnation.”

Polly represents each of the young women; below you can learn all about Polly – such has her favourite TV programmes and music. Also you will be able to read one of her adventures.

This adventure came about when 4 groups wrote each quarter of the adventure. Inspiration for the adventure came from working with Fran Kern and Rachel Broady.

Polly Tuga – Avatar (AKA The Eraser)


  • Fun, Outgoing, Crazy, Shy, Chatty, Loud, Imaginative, Happy, Positive, Clever, Geeky, Sporty, Stylish, Fashionable, Different, Creative, Arty, Cultural, Cheeky, Independent, Hardworking
  • Aged 15
  • Favourite Food – All food but loves Chocolate and Pizza
  • Favourite Football Team – Manchester United
  • Favourite Colours – Purple and Pink
  • Drives a red Mini Cooper
  • Lives in stylish apartment in Trafford
Polly Tuga's gadgets
Polly Tuga’s gadgets

Favourite TV Shows

Heroes, Lost, Ugly Betty, Dr Who, East Enders, Coronation Street, The OC, Hannah Montana, Wrestling, Sponge bob

Group Activities

  • Does not like Drama
  • Likes – all crafts, opportunities, exhibitions, learns a lot, enjoys workshops, meeting lots of artists.


Nickel Back, Take That, Kate Nash, Ting Tings,
Kid Rock, McFly, Lilly Allen, Maroon 5

The Adventures of Polly Tuga

My name is Polly Tuga. I am 15 years old. I may seem like an ordinary girl but believe it or not, I’m a super hero. Fighting crime, taking names and spreading creativity. Every superhero has to have a secret base, so do I, its full of clothes and accessories, oh, and of course crime fighting gadgets.

Polly Tuga's car
Polly Tuga’s car

My favourite gadget has to be my car, my Mini Cooper, driven my Cedric. He is a robot. The car is a key to the secret base, which is located under my home away from home – the “girls group” also known a Pulling Together Asian Women’s Group. I have so many friends there and its my break from crime fighting
Polly was back at her secret base. She overheard her mum and aunty talking about Willy Wonkers Chocolate factory. Immediately, her ears pricked up. Maybe he had created a new chocolate. Willy told her family about new products because her family had saved Willy Wonkers Chocolate factory from people who used chocolate for evil. Her mum said that Tesco was buying the chocolate factory and replacing it with a Tesco instead. This could not happen. Something had to be done!
While Cedric was lying on his fair silver velvet cushion he had an idea to make sure that Tesco would not take over the Chocolate factory. Polly asks what Cedric was doing with her red fantastic Mini Cooper. Cedric then tells Polly his so called amazing plan. “Call the PT Group and ask them if they can come to help you eat all the chocolate” Polly decided that this was a good idea so her power does not go away. But you could see she was crying quietly in the chocolate river.
They all arrive at Willy Wonker Chocolate factory, they all go into the section where the chocolate is stored, there is so much they wonder how they will eat it all. However, very soon they have eaten quite a lot, but they all look like tennis balls.
When the PT group had finished munching up all of the chocolate Willy Wonker came in and spoke to the group and asked them to make a secret factory with him as Tesco could have this but there would be no chocolate or Willy Wonker. PT group were very happy and agreed with Willy.